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Thermal Paper Correction Fluid

Thermal Paper Correction Fluid

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Thermal Paper Correction Fluid with Knife Parcel Box Opener Home Office Anti Peep Identity Information Protector Eraser 

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Product information:

Specifications: All-in-one, refill
Material: Liquid propylene carbonate + PE
Capacity: 10ML
Correction fluid size: About 85*25*25mm
Correction fluid refill size: About 55*25*25mm

Product Features:

2-in-1 privacy protection artifact, you can make important data disappear with just one wipe.
It easily wipes out all the details of receipts, package labels, bills, credit card offers, bank statements, tax returns, postcards, junk mail, and more.
Comes with a box cutter for easy unpacking.
Lightweight design, portable and durable (100+ uses per bottle).
After the liquid is used up, it can be replaced with a refill to continue to use, saving environmental protection.

Rotate the lid to the right to stop the liquid from dripping.
Keep your eyes away from this product at all times.
To stop liquid from evaporating after usage, the bottle cap must be securely fastened.
To prevent accidental consumption, please keep it away from children and pets.
Please store in a cool, dry location away from fire, direct sunshine, high temperatures, and heat.
We ask that you kindly accept a small degree of measurement error due to hand measuring.

Size Information:

Thermal Paper Correction Fluid with Dimensions

Packing list:
C Smear artifact*1/supplementary fluid*1

Thermal Paper Correction Fluid
Thermal Paper Correction Fluid
Thermal Paper Correction Fluid Wide Uses
Thermal Paper Correction Fluid
Thermal Paper Correction Fluid
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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Payton Nader

I received the order and tested it on the parcel. Excellent product.

Shad Thiel

It is the first time I use it and the truth is I liked it very much will not be the last time I buy

Ernie Sauer

Strongly recommended erases details and knife small open packages

Abel Cassin

מטורףףףףףףףףף!!!! Worth all weighed אמאלה Luisa knife K came Lulu scalpel/C-section not making such lanterns שיאללההה שורףףףףף ליייייייייי from this

Frankie Hane

I like it very much. You can easily open the package wrap, carefully because you can cut the product a little if you don't notice. And delete the label information to throw it away without carrying your information. Works better than alcohol